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Sep 30, 2020

Maid Marian fans rejoice! The Sheriff of Nottingham himself joins Genevieve to reminisce about the classic '90's kid's TV show. Sir Tony talks about the inspiration behind the comedy and plans to bring it back to our screens.

He also talks about his love for history and reveals which historical figure he'd most like to...

Sep 16, 2020

Thanks to everyone that's been listening to the podcast so far - hope you've enjoyed reminiscing.

In this brief update, Genevieve explains why there's no guest on the show this week - and the realities of making a celebrity interview podcast.


As ever, you can find us on Instagram @celebritycatchuppodcast or...

Sep 2, 2020

Richard joins Genevieve for a fun-filled look back on the early success of Right Said Fred. He talks PVC outfits, performing on stage alongside a mannequin's leg and why he'll always love singing I'm Too Sexy.

He also explains why he's shunned the fame game and why the band's most successful years were also the most...